Friday, December 4, 2009


every person have their own secrets...
sumtimes they share with their loved one or their best friend...

but somehow  the secrets juz good to be keep by not telling anyone..

the secrets...their secrets  her secrets his secret my secrets
secrets is sumting interesting..

sumtng that u wanna know
the curious thing..

i love to know the secrets...
but sometimes we shouldnt have to know the secrets...
coz somehow the secrets will kill u...hurt u.. n so on..

my secret that i want to share is i really really hate him..him..him....and her.


  1. hahahha pasl my famili actually...
    tuh pon lepas bengang dgn misu sbb dea xbgtau satu rahsia.. hehehe

    ceh2 ceh2 da follow my blog.. :)