Saturday, May 21, 2011

great dinner

finally..ive got some happy n joy time wit ma friends. thanks nawwar.. thanks sgt2 ur family. wonderful dinner, comedy from Harith, great food.. shang ri la pnya mknn superb.. hoho.. recently i feels so sad. so lonely but last night i feels so enjoy happy.. we eat, dance laugh taking photos and etc.. n meet da cutest kid, khalish.. huhu xde gmba ngn dea lak.. tpi comell.. kulit licinn.. n bess jgak sbb adya dtg jgak ditemani dgn hani.. i feels so bless. but now im so tired.. cant wait to watch nur kasih plak.. another date with another person.. :D

thanks Sharifah Nawwar Iyliana Syed Unan Mashri
Happy Belated Birthday Dato' Paduka Syed Unan Mashri 60th