Monday, July 23, 2012

2ramadhan 1423h

A lot of things happen.
We 've planned to eat around 4am (sahor) with api.and do subuh at mosque.. But we r slept at 2am. So i set the alarm. Haha. But my phone on silent.. So we woke up around 8AM!!!.. Soq terlepas.. Subuh terlajak.. Astaghfirullah al azim..

Then we went to my house to take my thngs coz ill stay with nwr till this week. So we stop to pray zohor at masjid wilayah.. We ve wantd to try...the mosque quite big n so beautiful. But the planning not so convenient..

Next we went to bazar.. Nawwar wanted to buy some kuih muih for our 'berbuka'... At sek 13. Waaaa so hot.. So many people.. So much food.. Waaa xtahan. Hhha. So we just bought 'kuih muih'..

We arrved home around 5pm.. We started the preparation to cook. But the gas run out.. Around 7pm.i think.. Hhha.. Sambal half way cook.. Sotong did not cook yet.. Dugaan.

So we just 'berbuka' kuih muih, rice with ikan bilis,fried potato,last night food left over, sambal ikan.masin which we ve got from led's nawwar..

Alhamdulillah.. so full...

We went to terawih.. be continued....

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